Denton ApartmentsWhen you’re looking for a wonderful place to live in the Gainesville area, our wonderful Gainesville Apartments are a fantastic option. Offering six different duplex or apartment options within the city, we have exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to convenient, comfortable, home-style apartment living.

Whether you’re a single adult in search of a small, affordable one bedroom or a family of five in need of a three bedroom with all the amenities, we offer apartments and duplexes at both ends of the spectrum. With our Gainesville Apartments, you can enjoy all the amenities of home, with all the convenience and affordability of living in an apartment run by a caring, top-notch staff.

Our Amenities

Because we offer apartment options in six separate locations, amenities vary from one location to the next. But with our Gainesville Apartments, you can rest assured that you’ll be treated to the very best amenities we have to offer.

For instance, each of our locations comes with a fully-outfitted kitchen, and many of our locations offer dishwashers and open, convenient breakfast bar arrangements in the dining area. Many of our Gainesville homes also offer washers and dryers, or hookups so that you can bring your own. Those locations with no in-home washer/dryer options offer an on-site laundry matt, so you can still do your laundry nearby to your own home.

And, of course, with our Gainesville Apartments, you’ll also get the convenience and security that comes with apartment-style living. Broken water heater? We’ll take care of it! Problems with your dishwasher? Our maintenance professionals will see to it right away!

With these homey, comfortable apartments and duplexes in all shapes and sizes, you can’t beat the beautiful blend of convenience and comfort you’ll enjoy. Why go anywhere else when our properties offer all the best that Gainesville has to offer?

A Wonderful Management Team

One thing that truly sets our Gainesville Apartments apart from the pack is our management team. Our highly-trained and caring customer service representatives and apartment managers put the needs of our tenants above all else.

We’ll be here when you’re in the midst of apartment shopping in Gainesville and need to find a place that fits both your needs and your budget. And later, we’ll be here when something in your duplex or apartment breaks and needs to be fixed right away. Since our number one goal is ensuring that our tenants are beyond happy with their homes, we focus on meeting your needs in a timely, professional, and friendly manner.

Plenty of Options

If you’re just moving to the Gainesville area for a new job opportunity or any other reason, allow us to assist you in deciding which apartment or duplex will be the best fit for you or your family. With our five different properties scattered around Gainesville, we offer a huge variety of apartment and duplex options. We’re sure to have the perfect place for you to call home!

Our apartment and duplex options include the 1 bedroom/1 bath, budget-friendly Hillside Apartments, the beautiful 2 and 3 bedroom Emerald Village duplexes, and the residentially-located 1, 2, and 3 bedroom Broadway Manor Apartments. Each apartment or duplex complex has its own unique feel, style, and personality, and we would love to discuss these options with you so that you can decide which will best suit your needs.

If you’re interested in checking out one or more of our many Gainesville Apartments, contact our helpful customer service representatives today. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and expectations and help you find an apartment or duplex that will perfectly suit you, whether you’re a single individual on a budget or a family looking for all the amenities you need to make life easier.